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Don't Use Off-Leash Photography

So, I got a gift certificate for Christmas for a photo session for my dog with Off-Leash Photography; a lady that specializes in pet photography. (it was a gift, I'm not one of those crazy pet people who sign birthday cards with the pets' names)

So, made the booking, had the photo shoot, the photos turned out well, and she asked me how many prints I wanted to order from her. I said I don't want prints, just a digital album because I don't really use photo albums any more.

She said that she would sell me the digital photos for $150 EACH!!! So for the bargain basement price of $6,900, I could have the digitals (for 46 images), or she would burn me a CD if I bought more than $1,000 in prints.

*pause for indignation*

Yeah, for my wedding, I spent a little over $1,000 for photography, and got TWO photographers for 4 hours, and a CD of all the images, and that's hundreds of photos worth. This photo session cost my friend $200, and she wouldn't give me a single image to walk away with, digital or otherwise.

So I said it was ridiculous in a digital age that there was no digital option available, so later she sent me a digital album, with a print ordering service. I downloaded the digital photos, and ordered a few prints for her time. A few days later, I get this e-mail:

"I just wanted to let you know that the images you have downloaded from my website are copyrighted and cannot be used without my permission.
I would request that you will not post them anywhere on the web or use it in anyway.
I wanted you to have other options, I was counting on your honesty and integrity that I thought I could expect from person working with the law enforcement and the Canadian army. You live you learn."

For any business owners out there, insulting the integrity of your clientele is NOT the best way to garner repeat business. She also left me a voice mail threatening legal action for downloading her photos, because she tracked my IP and left me the information for her lawyer.

Keep in mind I did not print, distribute, publish, or otherwise do anything with these images, and she's threatening legal action.

So, you know, tell your friends NOT to use this service. It's a rip off and the customer service is terrible!
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