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So, in the spirit of me taking on too much, I've decided to plant a vegetable garden. Yes, I'm trying to be green, and eat local, and all that jazz, but it also placates my Ukrainian cheapness genes, not to mention my English gardening genes.

insert quote

"The English have always been keen on gardening."
"Yes, but flowers. This is not so?"
"You can't eat flowers."


(name that movie for 50 points... one of my favourites!)

Since I have a really, really oddly-shaped backyard which I've done next to nothing with, I thought a vegetable garden would be ideal to fill the bowling-alley space we have in the back. It gets lots of sun, and is pretty much unused, so vegetables work well, being sun whores and all. I've planted just about everything from seed, and started late in the year, but have seen an ENORMOUS amount of growth thus far.

I've planted carrots, lettuce, potatoes, cabbage, garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, bush beans, sugar peas, and corn, and pretty much everything is sprouting, and a few are already fruiting. I think it's partially the Vancouver weather (and the fact I've been religiously watering in this heat), but the garden has totally taken off. I might post some pics of the work so far, but it's really cool to think that I may have veggies in only a few weeks!

I'm also thinking of starting a composter, but have never had one before and would prefer one that doesn't smell. Does anyone have any good recommendations?

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