pfc_rat (pfc_rat) wrote,

Pause for girly moment

OK, you don't get many of these moments from me, so be patient, it won't last long.

I'm ridiculously excited about my snazzy new retro outfit.

It all started when I found this super cute dress at a store. I bought the dress with a red crinoline, and then kind of went nuts. I wanted to make a complete, awesome retro outfit.

Then I went in search of bad-ass shoes, which I found at a great goth store (they always have cool shit). Click here for awesome shoe-y goodness. Not only am I ridiculously in love with these shoes, but they have a heel I can walk in (a rarity) and I actually bought a size 9... don't ask me how that one happened.

Now, accessories. Since the coolest site on the internet introduced me to Etsy, it's become another obsession. Seriously, best. gifts. ever. In my wanderings I managed to find the cutest purse-y thing and a bas ass pair of earrings. I'm totally set.

I'm going to this military event in New Brunswick in this getup, with one friend in a Cheongsam and another in a Sari. Between the three of us, I think we're going to make the Easterners shit their pants because of teh sex!
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