pfc_rat (pfc_rat) wrote,

New babies

OK, most of you should know my childfree status at this point. But I know some of you guys have kids, and I'm kind of wondering about an etiquette thing. Lately it seems like tons of people are having babies. So, when you have a baby, some people send out birth announcements, I suppose. A cutesy card with a picture of the baby and vital statistics, and such.

Now, I'm getting these from people I don't even know, and have never met. Like, relatives of relatives. Like, the daughter of my sister-in-law's godparents. I don't even know her name.

So, what's up with that? Are they expecting me to send a gift (not like I'm going to), is that why these announcements go out? Is it just the new parent OMG LOOK AT MI KID thing?

What the hell?
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