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The death of personal responsibility

One thing I've been wanting to know - when was it that personal responsibility died? On every news channel, in every city, everywhere, all you hear is "it's not my fault."

You're a drug addict? Blame society, or your parents. Goodness knows you didn't CHOOSE to put lethal toxins in your body, someone tied you down and FORCED you to do it, and force you to continue to do it every day!

You're morbidly obese? Blame fast food. You obviously don't have any choice on what you eat, or how much. Staying active and going for a walk a couple times a week is SO DIFFICULT and might as well be torture.

You're a violent criminal? Blame video games. They're obviously free and forced on children at a young age who have no choice but to play Grand Theft Auto in Kindergarten. You also have no freedom to put them down or walk away, and no common sense to realize that video games are different than reality.

Every fucking day I hear people whine about how everything is not their fault. A homeless guy in his 40s said he lost his job TEN YEARS AGO and never looked for another one, so is living on the streets... DUH! I've lost my job 5 times - THREE OF THEM IN 1 YEAR and I didn't expect my rent or food to fall at my feet. I didn't blame society for my state, I got off my fucking ass and found a new damn job! You want to sit around at home, collect welfare and cry "woe is me" while not looking for another job or doing anything to help yourself?! Fuck you!

People with no money have a dozen kids and expect everyone else to pay for their idiocy. People gain hundreds of pounds of weight and expect to get handicapped parking, and get to stay on long-term disability. People rape and murder innocent people, and get out of a jail sentence because mommy and daddy didn't love them enough.


You want to have children? Fine, have fifty, but if you can't pay to feed, house, clothe, and educate them, they will all get taken away and you will be barred from ever having more. You want to eat yourself stupid? Have at 'er, but you are responsible for all of your ongoing medical bills, you have to actually pay for the extra seats on the plane, walk from a regular parking spot, don't get a free scooter to haul your ass around, and don't qualify for welfare, disability, or long term medical coverage. Shoot your veins full of poison, but then you can't get social housing, free medical coverage, welfare, or any other benefits. Make all the stupid fucking choices you like, but be prepared to reap the consequences. Don't expect people who are responsible to pay the costs of the people who aren't.


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