pfc_rat (pfc_rat) wrote,

Random Meme

Name five experiences you've had that you do not wish to go through again.

1. Colonoscopy - not only the procedure, which makes you feel rather violated, but the day before on the hardcore prescription laxatives is enough to make you never want to eat again.

2. High School - I've never understood why people rant and rave about it being the best time of their lives. I think it was the most traumatic, and so completely different than real life to make the experience entirely forgettable.

3. Losing my virginity - awkward, painful, clumsy. Again, not the life-changing experience that people make it out the be.

4. Fast Food/Retail work - because you get paid next to nothing, people think you're worth next to nothing and treat you like crap. You get worked like a slave, treated like a whipping boy, and you smell like a french fry.

5. Babysitting - screaming kids who don't listen to you, poopy diapers, making $3 an hour, trying to stay energetic and entertaining all day. No thanks.
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