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Nice to see that, despite having a black president, the voice of white male privilege is still very much alive and well

The tl;dr version:

Young white kid says that no one can ever claim there's racism in America because a black guy was elected president. Is this going to become the next "I have a black friend so I can't be racist" thing? I can't be racist because I voted for Obama. It's funny.

This kid was a depressed loner with violent tendencies in high school and says that he was racially profiled because he was white and made to see psychiatrists. Yeah, it had nothing to do with the fact that he was a depressed, violent loner, it was all about EEBIL RACIAL PROFILINGZ AGAINST TEH WHITEZ. He claims that no minority is oppressed or hated any more than any other, because once in his life, he thinks that someone was prejudiced towards him, maybe.

It's funny because he's stupid. Go have a read.
Tags: racism, stupid people
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