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This is funny:

Letter from 2010 in Obama's America

It's a letter written to supposedly scare the pants off you about all the EEEEBIL things that Barack Obama is going to do as president. What are those things you may ask?

- Make gay marriage legal
- Allow gay people to openly serve in the military
- Make hate speech and hate groups, including religious ones, illegal
- Make homeschooling illegal unless the parent is a licensed teacher, and uses school curriculum
- Eliminate anti-gay or hateful books, organizations, school groups, schools, etc.
- Not allow health care professionals to opt out of doing their jobs for religious reasons
- Make abortion universally available, and remove barriers from doing so
- Limit gun ownership to the definition in the constitution of people belonging to a "well regulated militia"
- Limit government censorship of the media
- Provide universal health care for all citizens
- Not allow any organization, including churches to deny employment to someone because they're gay, a minority, or other bigoted reasons

Are you scared yet? Shaking in your little booties that are these things will come to pass? Or are you, like me and just about everyone else on earth, extremely hopeful that Obama will do EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things?

They even talk about how all the fundamentalist Christians are moving away from the US (in this theoretical world). Wouldn't that be the best thing ever?!

Seriously, is this the kind of world that puts fear into the hearts of the fundies? Because this would be like Disneyland for me. Hell, I might even contemplate actually living in the US if these things came to pass; it would be AWESOME.
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