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The auto industry

Over the past weeks and months, we've been hearing about the Federal Government (both US and Canadian) being asked to bail out the auto manufacturing industry. Now, aside from my general disdain for free government handouts to ANYONE, this one in particular sticks a thorn in my side.

The auto industry has been one of the most outspoken, vehement, powerful lobby groups in the country. They have spend billions to ensure government money, and have used that influence to further power their own interests. The Big 3 American manufacturers have also ensured to crush any new, innovative, or independent auto manufacturing for the past century (see Hudson Motor Car Company, among others).

Electric vehicles, solar power, alternative fuel sources, hydrogen fuel cells, all of these technologies have been readily available for over a century, with the auto manufacturers often taking the government to the supreme court when told to start using them.

These dinosaurs have successfully spelled their own demise. They got in bed with the oil companies, refused change, halted progress, and are partially responsible for the wreck we're in now. And now they want the taxpayers that they've spent the past 100 years fucking to pay to bail them out of their mess!!!

Not to mention, not ONE PERSON has suggested that if the government does bail them out, that all of the money (or even ANY of the money) must be spent on zero-emission vehicles, a concept that virtually no American auto manufacturer is even close to releasing, although virtually all of the Asian and European manufacturers have them on the market already.

I say fuck them. They've been digging their own grave for a hundred years. Let's all get together and cover them with dirt!
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