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Open letter to John McCain

Thank you SO MUCH!!!

You couldn't have chosen a more inept, inexperienced, hypocritical, flip-flopping douchebag of a VP. Someone who is under investigation for inappropriate conduct, whose "abstinence until marriage" stance has her unwed teenaged daughter pregnant, who has gone on record to say she has no idea what the job of the VP is...

really, this is great!

I was worried about Obama's campaign after the numbers started falling, but I think you just stepped in and fixed the election for him. There's no way out now. After he's gone on the record to say he will support her 100%, if he drops her now, he will come out looking like a liar, and if he doesn't dump her, he will look like a hypocritical moron.

With any luck, all of the swing voters have already gone to Obama's camp, and even the Republicans will start jumping ship to get away from this train wreck of a ticket.
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