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Olympics - who cares?!

Most of you know that I'm not really a sports fan to begin with. I enjoy playing sports, but don't like watching other people do it. It seems to me like watching porn instead of having sex. Yeah, they might be professionals, and can do it better, but I derive no satisfaction out of watching someone do something that I can do myself.

So spending billions upon billions of dollars for something like the Olympics seems like such a ridiculous, colossal waste of time and money, that it's incredibly sad.

4 billion too many people on the planet, widespread famine and increasing food prices. Starvation, disease, the planet going to the toilet faster that we could hope to save it, and the priority of the world is spending billions so some teenagers can play a game on TV?!

Someone was commenting the other day that Canada hadn't won any medals, so I asked them,

"What would happen if we won absolutely no medals? What would be different the day after the olympics were over?"
"And what would happen if we won every single medal in every single sport?"

And yet, if we took all this money being spent on hosting the olympics, paying for transportation, training, equipment, flying officials, dignitaries, and politicians around, putting them in expensive hotels, building entire olympic villages, and bazillions on some stupid opening ceremony and spent it on, say, education? We could pretty much put every student in the country through university.

It's like those ridiculous sports scholarships. You put 20 football players through university and what do you have? 20 football players with a liberal arts degree. Now, put 20 doctors through university... there you have a difference. Or say you want this money to go towards sport - how about spending it towards a physical fitness program for kids, something EVERYONE can benefit from, not just a select few. A healthy school lunch program, taking pop and chocolate bars out of elementary schools, and doing something about this ridiculous obesity epedemic. There are about a hundred thousand more important things this country should pay for before putting on some ludicrous show for 2 weeks while we suffer in debt for the next 20 years.
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